The Build: Week 15

Wednesday, November 14th – Tuesday, November 20th

We kicked this week off, day 99, with a meeting at the house with our expeditor, Rick. We had our list of questions ready and, if I’m completely honest, we were ready to go to battle.

We of course softened up a bit when Rick arrived and we started walking around the house. You catch more bees with honey, am I right? The plumber was still there working on some odds and ends which was helpful when plumbing questions were raised. In the end, our questions were finally answered and we drove away… satisfied.

Bill and Jennifer got a late night tour of the house on day 99 after we met for dinner. As you can see from the photos, we didn’t have the best lighting to capture the new bathtubs.

Day 104 began with a crew prepping the basement, garage, and front porch for concrete. Our goal is to have a local plumber install PEX in the garage for radiant heating but things aren’t coming together as well as we would have liked. Timing with the concrete crew has been up in the air for weeks and now that they’re ready, it’ll likely be a challenge to get a plumber in time. Stay tuned for more exciting news on that front.

  • First round of rough plumbing done.
  • HEY, look at that! That window was finally installed!
  • Concrete work began in the basement, porch, and garage.
  • Temporary mailbox in place.

15 weeks down, 10 to go.