The Build: Week 31

Wednesday, March 6th – Tuesday, March 12th

It seems as though the closer we get to being done, the less time anyone is spending there working. I would think they’d be powering through the last few tasks to get us in and get rid us. Instead, it looks more like this:

  • Monday, March 4th – No one at the house.
  • Tuesday, March 5th – Just the plumber there to fix the forgotten drain.
  • Wednesday, March 6th – The carpenter finally came back to finish his work from a few weeks ago. Finally some progress!
  • Thursday, March 7th – Just the tile guy to fix one tile in the master bathroom.
  • Friday, March 8th – It’s now been 7 months since we broke ground. Just the plumber to install the faucet on the bathtub.
  • Monday, March 11th – Painter came back to finish the trim. Water softener installed. Glass kleaner came through. (This person was not a window cleaner. The windows themselves are still filthy.)
  • Tuesday, March 12th – Last of the painting. Grading.

It’s really incredibly frustrating to drive past and see that nothing, or very little, is happening. At this point all that’s left to do inside the house is patch some drywall holes, fix some texture issues, put the carpet down, and then hang the shelving and mirrors. You would think these tasks could easily be completed within a few days but instead, we wait.

I was also a little pissed when we stopped at the house on Monday, March 11th. We walked in to the painter cleaning a huge plastic bucket out in the kitchen sink. When he saw us he did get that deer-in-headlights look. Dude, come on. Once he left I did a lap around the house and noticed there was a roll of toilet paper in the master bathroom and the plastic wrap had been taken off of the toilet seat. DUDE, COME ON! No one should be crapping in that toilet by us. Joke is going to be on him if he tries to use it again. I took the toilet paper out and put it back in the port-a-potty. Because COME ON!

  • Front door installed and frame painted
  • Finished carpentry completed
  • Water softener installed
  • Windows glass kleaned

31 weeks down, 2 overdue