The Build: Week 30

Wednesday, February 27th – Tuesday, March 5th

Would someone please come work on our house. I’m begging you to just get it done.
As you can see from the pictures we had good progress with the flooring on the first floor and we thought we were down to the last week or two. Really, we actually thought that. How silly. Aside from some minor plumbing work, and one major plumbing issue, we didn’t see anyone else at the house completing tasks. What was this major plumbing issue? I’m so glad you asked!

Scroll down and checkout the day 208 picture. One evening this past week we went poking around the house and saw water had run down the basement wall below this very tube. How odd, we thought, and so we looked at the sinks and toilets around the house more closely. We turned a few sinks on and off and then went back into the basement to have a peek. Yes indeed, there was now more water in the basement. We decided to keep our cool, after all, Ricky keeps telling us the house isn’t done yet.
Fast forward to Sunday when we get an email from our pal, Rick, telling us the plumbing should be done. Huh, should be done, eh? So we went back over to the house to see if this little pipe situation had been rectified. It hadn’t. I calmly emailed Rick, cc’d the plumber and Mike Kaerek, and waited for a reply. The only reply came from the plumber on Monday morning telling us they’d have someone look into it.
A few hours pass and who do we get a call from but our pal Rick. Rick tells us not to worry, he talked to the plumber, and that pipe is a vent and what we saw was condensation.

I’m sorry, what??

We very politely told Mr. Rick that we had in fact turned a faucet on in the guest bathroom and no, that’s not a vent, it is a drain that actual waste water comes out of. Rick then informed us that he’d be meeting the plumber at the house Tuesday morning and they’d look at it together. Oh good, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on the case. Side note: I don’t recommend Karlsen plumbing. Not only did we have this issue with their craftsmanship, they also installed the wrong valve on the master bathroom tub, after they installed the wrong bathtub altogether, which means we aren’t getting the Kohler faucet we had originally picked out. We’ll supposedly get a very comparable Moen faucet, after they reorder it in the correct finish.

Another little issue that is 100% my fault is with the appliance delivery. I won’t get into the messy details, but we had appliances scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, March 5th. We headed over to the house around 11:30 to await their arrival and wouldn’t you know, we ran into our pal Rick who was on his way out. I told him about the appliances, he wasn’t happy and I didn’t care, and we checked out the plumbing and chatted about other issues/items/concerns/nonsense.

Soooo, end of February move-in date turned into early March which has now turned into… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We still have no estimated completion date. We’re still living in a basement. We’re still cold. We’re still crabby.

  • Flooring on first floor done
  • Everything else is 90% complete
  • No one showing up to work

30 weeks down, 1 overdue