Working in the Boys Club – Part 1

Excessplain |ikˈses splān|

Verb [reporting verb]

Make (an answer, idea, situation, or problem) more confusing to someone by describing it in excessive detail or revealing more facts or ideas than necessary.  Excessplaining may occur after a “yes” or “no” question has been asked, or when basic assistance is needed by an individual looking to solve a problem.

I understood Jeff’s billing question until he started excessplaining it to me.” 

“I asked Dave if he wanted to get lunch from the cafeteria with me at noon.  His excessplaination never answered my original question.”

Happy Anniversary, Chondromalacia

I first learned what chondromalacia was on January 9, 2017; ten days after the surgery I had to treat it.  Today I celebrate my 8 week anniversary.

There isn’t any polite way to say it; physical therapy can be a real bitch.  I have good days and bad days, and really, really bad days.  There are days when I want to give up, days when I regret ever having surgery, and days when I’m in pain and my knee is swollen and I feel like something is horribly wrong.  Then I have a good day.  A day where I realize the swelling is minimal, the scars don’t look so bad, and I can walk mostly normal.  This past Tuesday I had a breakthrough and finally learned how to walk without looking like I was walking on black ice.  (Yes, a woman did comment on my gait and compare it to that of someone walking on black ice.)  It took almost 8 weeks, but I did it.

My current regimen consists of monster walks, crab walks, leg extensions, lots and lots of stretching, almost maybe going partially down a stair, Bio-Oil, and an infinite amount of clicking and grinding.  Today I’m felling optimistic.  I know that one day my leg will again be strong and powerful and return to it’s former glory.

I may never be a model for leg warmers or knee high socks but it sure beats staples.