The Build: Week 16

Wednesday, November 21st – Tuesday, November 27th

As anticipated, our adventures in PEX tubing continued into this week. We could’t find a plumber or hvac company to do the work in time so John went all in and decided to order the necessary components to do it ourselves himself. He was lucky enough to get a helping hand from his friend, Justin, and they made quick work of the install. 

The weather hasn’t cooperated this past week and we’ve seen an unseasonable amount of snow. We’re currently waiting for the concrete to be poured and we can’t progress with any interior work until that’s complete. You can’t pour concrete over snow or in extremely cold temperatures so we’re on hold until the builder and concrete contractor figure out a solution. It’s going to get colder before it gets warmer so for now, we wait. insert big sigh here

At this point I highly doubt we’ll hit our move in goal of January 31st. I’d estimate we’re at least two weeks behind schedule, probably more.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • PEX tubing installed in garage.
  • Electrical connected.
  • Gas connected.
  • Snow, snow, and a lot more snow!

16 weeks down, 9 to go.