The Build: Week 24

Wednesday, January 16th – Tuesday, January 22nd

On Monday, January 21st, good ‘ole Ricky told us “2 months to go” which would put us at March 21st, 2019. I know people will say “I told you so” but I never would have expected this to go into March. And certainly not towards the end of March.

No one has been working on the house the past few days so we’ve had our moments of frustration this week. Yes, the cabinets were delivered on Monday, but why wasn’t someone there installing them? I know I’m growing impatient but I feel like a lot of good days have passed with no one working at the house. I simply don’t understand.

Rick also asked us to drop the light fixtures and faucets off at the house, in the basement. The basement that doesn’t have any stairs 🙄
For now they’re being stored in the garage. Let’s hope they survive.

  • Wavy siding fixed
  • Well hooked up
  • Walls primed
  • Painting started
  • Snow
  • Cabinets delivered
  • More snow

I also looked at paint colors that coordinate with Mindful Gray, which we chose for the entire house, and found Homburg Gray. What do you think, Jennifer? For your bathroom?

I also received an email this week for the annual David Austin Roses sale. I had been waiting for this email 😍
I placed my order for 4 rose bushes and 1 rose tree. I can’t wait for the day when I’m finally able to start landscaping and gardening at the new house. If you’re in the market for rose bushes David Austin can’t be beat. And if you order by March 29th you can get 15% off with discount code UCF.

24 weeks down, 5 to go.