The Build: Week 23

Wednesday, January 9th – Tuesday, January 15th

The drywall work continued this week but I don’t have anything remarkable or shocking to share. We did receive an email from everyones favorite expediter, Rick, earlier this past week which hints at what we’ll be seeing in the coming week:

next week we will fix the wavy siding on the west side. we will order all new siding and take care of that problem. 
Monday tuesday we will spray and knock down the finish on dry wall. 
next paint your  entire home with primer.

The knockdown texture was applied to the walls on day 159, a Sunday if you can believe that, and the pictures we took on day 160 do show that the bad siding has been removed. No word yet on when the replacement siding will be delivered and installed.

23 weeks down, 6 to go.