The Build: Week 13

Wednesday, October 31th – Tuesday, November 6th

There hasn’t been much change on the exterior of the house, but a lot has happened on the inside. The electricians, HVAC crew, and plumbers have been inside working their magic.

We had a small win with the electrician this past week when we marked the location of the floor outlets on the second floor. They had us penciled in for three locations when we only wanted two. This allowed us to plug a few wall outlets in that we had thought of after we signed our plans:

  • An outlet behind the toilet in the family bathroom for a bidet toilet seat. Our guests should also have the luxury of a warm, clean bottom.
  • An outlet in the master bathroom closet. The countertop gets cluttered quickly when you’re charging toothbrushes and razors.
  • And an outlet in the master bedroom closet. Just because.

We’ll be gone part of this next week to experience the newly opened taproom at Sandhills Brewing in Kansas. Hopefully they have a generous employee discount. And hopefully the crew installs those last two windows before we return.

13 weeks down, 12 to go.