The Build: Week 8

Wednesday, September 26th – Tuesday, October 2nd

They say no news is good news. In our case no news was a heartbreaking lack of progress. The last few weeks while our house sat idle have indeed been a bit frustrating.

We’d been stalking the house in Mukwonago that was in line ahead of ours so we knew they’d be headed our way soon. We were both in Florida for a company meetup the week of September 24th and we suspected that we’d come home to some progress. The builder didn’t disappoint.

Jennifer and Bill surprised us on day 50 by doing a little stalking of their own while we were gone. Framing had begun. Insert happy dance here.

The damp and rainy weather we’ve been experiencing will no doubt impede progress, but watching the house begin to take shape this week has been both exciting and rejuvenating for me.

✔ basement capped off
✔ first floor framing has begun

8 weeks down, 17 to go.