The Build: Week 4 – Week 5

Wednesday, August 29th – Tuesday, September 11th

It’s been a quiet few weeks and will likely remain that way for a few more. Due to some technical difficulties with the blog last week, and a lack of progress, I decided to combine weeks 4 and 5 into a single post.

When driving past our basement on day 22 we did notice something bright green peeking out at us on the front of the garage wall. John’s initial interpretation of the graffiti was “OK die” and I’ll admit that at first glance it seemed plausible.

We walked up to get a closer look and threw around some ideas of what it actually said. We settled on “OK’d VB” which turned out to be correct. “VB” are the initials of the town inspector and he had forever left his mark on our house.

Once VB OK’d the foundation and basement walls it was time for backfilling. Rock and dirt were deposited down the sides of the basement walls which allowed us a better vantage point for viewing the inside of the basement. Ain’t she a beaut?!

Because our house is last in line after two houses going up in Mukwonago, we don’t expect to see any walls going up until week 7. Wah-wah.

✔ basement inspection completed
✔ basement walls backfilled

5 weeks down, 20 to go.