The Winter Thaw: Part 1

As I began another post that I may, or may not, actually publish, I saw this sitting as a draft. And while I wrote this many months ago, I decided to click ‘Publish’ anyway. I still enjoy the solitude of my walks and the beautiful, unusual, and occasionally forgotten scenery I find.

Watching the snow slowly melt as spring approaches reminds me of a candy I had as a child. It was a large, solid chocolate dinosaur egg with a gummy candy in the middle. It took you aaaaages to get to the center and, once you did, it was a bit underwhelming and you were over the whole experience. That’s winter.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the snow melt to reveal it’s hidden treasures (I use the word treasures very loosely). As a child I even went so far as to hide items in the snow at my grandparents house, anticipating my own surprise when the snow melted in spring.

As an adult I’ve come to realize the hidden treasures that reveal themselves are usually other peoples hastily tossed garbage. These treasures are primarily made up of soda and beer cans, McDonald’s packaging, and Starbucks cups. While I no longer enjoy these “treasures”, I do still enjoy “the thaw”.